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Hot chocolate

Coffee tree

The coffee tree grows naturally in the tropical climate, which is warm during the growing season, and dry in the harvest season There are a

number of places where coffee and coffee are planted, including: Yemen, Guinea, Brazil, East Africa, the archipelago of Indonesia,

Central America and Hawaii. In order for the coffee tree to produce fruit, it takes 3 to 5 years to start the production process

Places of coffee growing

Coffee is really a fruit made up of a white flower, much like the highly sensitive jasmine flower This flower turns into a fruit called “cherries” because it is red and round, and is very similar to the original cherry plant, and each cherry bean contains two cherries that later form the original coffee bean
types of coffee
Trying to limit the types of coffee is almost as difficult as it is to multiply all kinds of cafes in the world, but here are some famous coffee types

American coffee

Launched on the coffee of the filter metaphorically, it is often made of Colombian coffee beans, but to say that it is Nescafe wrong, (Nescafe) first produced by Nestlé in Switzerland, not America, the first name called instant coffee

Arabic coffee

Light coffee with a concentration of cardamom and spices used to add flavor and smell distinctive and distinctive to the people of the desert and the Arabs in general and the people of the Gulf in particular, whose coffee is yellow and slanted to the color of golden brown and there is dark coffee and the most concentrated color and coffee is the people of Iraq and the Levant

Turkish coffee

It is a heavy dark coffee, made mostly of Brazilian coffee beans. Grinds in a very soft degree and varies in degree of preparation by boiling well or boiling quickly. Served in a small cup in hand with a small dish, Turkish coffee cups are the most famous and used and characterized


Italian coffee is light and very dark, made by a special machine to heat the steamed coffee and then pass a stream of light boiling water on them. Served in a small cup resembling a Turkish cup


Italian coffee consisting of espresso by one-third and one-third milk and one-third of evaporated and flavored milk appears as creamy, and made in large cups, and be creamed whipped high on the face and sprayed with powdered cocoa or powder students


French coffee or Italian coffee. This label came from the port of Mocha, the most famous port that exported Yemeni coffee to all over the world. It consists of heavy coffee by a third, one third of unsweetened hot chocolate and one third of sparkling milk to the degree of output Foam, made with a large cup

Coffee with milk

French coffee, although all the countries of the world are working with different labels, which are two sets of coffee gentlemen with three amounts of milk, and made in a large cup of coffee

Irish coffee

Are heavy coffee mixed with creamy whipped cream and whiskey and served with sugar, of course we all know that the Irish people are the most consumed people of alcohol, so the alcoholic coffee goes with the same Irish spirit

Vienna Coffee

Is a medium-tasting coffee mixed with a third of the amount of whole milk, and sprinkled on the face creamy and flanked by the students or soft brown sugar

iced coffee

We believe that chilled coffee is American, and Americans say its origin is Arabic, a heavy cold coffee with cold milk and sugar

Benefits of coffee
Caffeine affects many organs of the body. Its effects on health vary according to genetic factors, sex, age and environmental factors. Chlorogenic acid in coffee is an antioxidant and regulates the level of cholesterol in the blood. It is found only in unextended coffee such as Turkish coffee. In addition, coffee consumption is associated with improved insulin sensitivity and better glucose control in diabetics. It is associated with an average decrease in the incidence of stroke and a strong inverse relationship with cirrhosis of alcoholic liver
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