We believe success always extends from a story. One that ignites from an inspiration, starts with a well thought plan and continues through constant preservation of beliefs and standards. Along 20 years, AM Group has strived to build an empire, and it did. We built a heritage that has continued to grow through its inspirational leaders and sound management. We’ve worked our way into being one of the top three FMCG brands in Egypt with an outreach to international markets across the globe.
Our story started in 1999, when the first generation of the family owned business, A and M, came together to cofound their first brand. They served as coaches, counselors, and peer advisors to the members of the organization, devoted to their beliefs and determined to establish a significant market presence.
Inspired by the noticeable demand of high quality processed foods and coffee mixtures in the local market, we set a few standards that have been inherited along successive management. Our choice of suppliers came on top to guarantee the quality of products we offer in terms of flavor, health compliance, and nutrition benefits. Our international partners have long been top suppliers worldwide, a success factor we are not willing to compromise.
Along the past 20 years, we’ve gone from being a well-established local Egyptian brand to becoming an international brand. Demand has increased across borders to extend our presence to multiple other countries. (we can name the countries)
The journey had its challenges, its spur moments and downturns, and we continue to face difficulties everyday in today’s highly volatile market. But that’s what puts us ahead of competition. We take challenges as constant motivators and we turn them to points of strength.




Storage capacity




Number of employees

AM group has become a leading consumer products
company in Egypt and the Arab world
by providing world-class products.




Supply the Egyptian market with high quality products
while at the same time safe and healthy,
which will meet the needs of consumers as well as
ensure a remarkable profit rate for all traders
who wish with the company